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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we would like to invite you to the 7th Instructional Course on Reconstructive Tetraplegia Hand Surgery that will be held between 8-10 April 2015 in Tarcal, Hungary. The three day course is based on management and current concepts in the surgical rehabilitation of upper limbs in tetraplegic patients.

Topics include

  • anatomy,
  • biomechanics,
  • suture technique,
  • reconstruction of elbow extensor,
  • reconstruction of thumb and finger extensors,
  • reconstruction of thumb and finger flexors,
  • reconstruction of intrinsics,
  • combined procedures and new developments,
  • spasticity,
  • clinical examination and case discussion.

Our aim is to provide you with a reliable toolbox of operations that can be applied in the majority of reconstructions necessary in tetraplegia hand surgery. Therefore, much time will be spent on practicing surgical procedures in cadavers.

Besides the much demanding scientific work during the course, organizers try to provide participants with the opportunity to get to know each other and have a glimpse of the famous Tokaj region as well. Both previous courses owned a very friendly atmosphere, that you can see on the pictures taken.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, l kindly invite you to participate and send your registration through the on-line registration here.

Jan Fridén, István Turcsányi

Organizing Committee

Jan Fridén, Sweden
István Turcsányi, Hungary


István Turcsányi
Jan Fridén
Andreas Gohritz
Bijan Cheikh-Sarraf
Carina Reinholdt
Johanna Wangdell
Sabrina Koch-Borner
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