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Welcome by the Host Organiser

Respected colleagues, dear friends,

It is my pleasure to greet and invite you to the 17th National Congress of the Hungarian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and the 9th International Danubius Congress which is going to be held in Budapest from 21 to 23 November 2013 with the participation of the Hungarian Trauma Society.

We will make every effort to offer you an interesting scientific programme of high quality, and at the same time provide a forum for sharing experiences and opinions. Our congress will provide an excellent opportunity for deepening international relations as well as developping personal friendships.

As trauma care will be our main topic the Hungarian Trauma Society is involved in the organization of the backbone of our scientific programme. At the same time, besides our otolaryngologist, ophtalmologist, neurosurgeon and anesthesiologist colleagues we invite and expect our plastic surgeon friends as well as the members of all member associations of the Association of Hungarian Dentists since their activities are essential to restore the quality of life after injuries.

I ask and urge you - whether you work in a public or private clinic - to present your work, scientific and practical experiences as well as the preliminary results of experiments with new ways related to the topics of this international event in as great numbers as possible.

Special emphasis is placed on the recognition of academic work of junior colleagues, therefore, at the Youth Forum the best performers under the age of 35 will be rewarded. Our event will be accredited at the UMS so participants can count on European credit points, too.

In a way, we can also consider our congress a jubilee since the first Danubius Symposium was organized precisely 20 years ago in Sopron, from 9 to 11 September 1993, inspired by the success of previous Austro-Hungarian scientific sessions. Our idea at that time to extend the exchange of scientific views between two friendly countries to the Danube countries proved to be viable; moreover, in the years after the change of regime it developped further to provide an opportunity for colleagues from even beyond the Danube countries to present their scientific work.

Our country and the Hungarian health service is forced to sail on a stormy sea of difficulties and make its way against the wind. Our congress may provide an excellent opportunity to discuss our common and special problems and to increase the awareness of our professional and scientific activity. Listening to each other’s presentations we can gain self-confidence and a sense of satisfaction of the quality of our own work.

Our beautiful capital Budapest, the pearl of the Danube, is an excellent location for meetings. In the heart of Europe it connects the east with the west and the north with the south by a thousand years of history.

Hoping that you will be enriched with useful professional knowledge and great experiences,

I await you to our congress,

Dr. Annamária Szentirmai
President of the Congress