Instructions for authors

Instructions for ICUMT'11 camera-ready papers preparation

Please read carefully ALL the instructions given below.

1.The length limit of your camera-ready paper is 8 pages. Camera-ready files should be in PDF format.
The deadline for camera-ready submission is September 1, 2011.
2.When preparing your camera-ready paper, please update it according to the reviewers' remarks.
3.Your camera-ready paper should be prepared according to the IEEE specification. In particular:
- IEEE LaTeX template for the US letter format
- MsWord template is available at
(this is the same template as the one proposed before)
4.Please make sure that:
- your paper complies with the above-mentioned template,
- the size of your paper is "Letter" (not A4),
- the paper has NO PAGE NUMBERS inserted,
- No footers or headers are inserted by you (except for the ISBN number explained later on this page),
- NO PDF security features are inserted (i.e., papers must be fully accessible and editable).
5.ICUMT'11 papers will have two types of publication (i.e. IEEE Xplore publication, and CD-ROM proceedings), each one with its own ISBN number:
- 978-963-8111-77-7 for IEEE Xplore publication,
- 978-963-8111-76-0 for CD-ROM proceedings.

THE AUTHORS ARE REQUIRED TO INSERT THE ISBN NUMBER THEMSELVES. It should appear ONLY IN THE LEFT BOTTOM PART OF THE FIRST PAGE of the paper. The appropriate ISBN number is to REPLACE the phrase "ISBN number will go here (do not remove this line)" from the above-mentioned MsWord template.

If you use LaTeX, additional information on including the ISBN numbers may be found at

After inserting the ISBN number, the first page of your paper should look like the one at:
(this is the example with ISBN number for IEEE Xplore publication)

Therefore, please prepare TWO COPIES of your camera-ready paper in PDF format, each one with a DIFFERENT ISBN number.
6.PDFs to be included in IEEE Xplore (with ISBN number 978-963-8111-77-7)
BEFORE uploading to EDAS have to be checked for compatibility with IEEE PDF eXpress. If a final manuscript is not compliant with IEEE PDF eXpress, it will not be included into proceedings submitted to IEEE Xplore after the conference.

Procedure for PDF eXpress log in:
  1. Go to IEEE PDF eXpress: Conference ID: icumt2011x
  2. For each conference paper, click "Create New Title"
  3. Enter identifying text for the paper (title is recommended but not required)
  4. Click "Submit PDF for Checking" or "Submit Source Files for Conversion"
  5. Indicate platform, source file type (if applicable), click Browse and navigate to file, and click "Upload File". You will receive online and email confirmation of successful upload. If you have your final manuscript in Latex you might need to upload archive including all support files like images etc.*
  6. You will receive an email with your Checked PDF or IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF attached. If you submitted a PDF forChecking, the email will show if your file passed or failed
IEEE PDF eXpress converts the following file types to PDF:Rich Text Format, Freelance, (La)TeX (DVI and all support files required)*, PageMaker, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress*, Word Pro, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect.

*For documents created in formats that do not embed source files, include all support files with the final manuscript in a folder.

Put this folder in a compressed archive for submission. If it is possible to embed images in the source document, you should do so to avoid potential issues, such as missing graphics.

IMPORTANT: A DVI (DeVice Independent file) is required for LaTeX conversions, in addition to all associated image files. Make sure that your LaTeX system can output a DVI, otherwise it cannot be converted. Be sure also to check that your images are properly referenced, and that DVI can handle the image file types used (DVI does not handle some newer image types,such as *.png).

Please note that:
- only PDFs to be included in IEEE Xplore have to be checked for compatibility with IEEE PDF eXpress
- the number of attempts is limited (therefore try to avoid checking PDFs that are not final versions)
7.Uploading the camera-ready papers - VERY IMPORTANT

PDFs for publication in:
- IEEE XPlore
- CDROM proceedings
should be zipped together and submitted in a single zip file via EDAS.