Sunday 17 July 2016

Click on session title to see detailed program. You can SEARCH the program online or DOWNLOAD it as a pdf file.

Please be informed that more than 1000 abstracts have been accepted for ICOM 6 and that made the task of creating the program difficult. The program committee tried to do their best and take into consideration many preferences and timing requests. Thus, even with a 5-day conference and 8 parallel session only 15 minutes talks (including Q&A) was possible. Please take this time limit into account when preparing your presentation.

Essentially you will have only 12 minutes to present leaving 2 minutes for questions and 1 minute between talks. Chairs are required to strictly enforce these timings (think Psychonomic time) and will stop a talk after 14 minutes, in which case there will be no time for questions.

Hours Room 1
Keynote session I
Daniel L. Schacter
18:30-20:00 Welcome Reception