Self portrait with magnifier
by Kiss Márta

Invitation for Women and Gender libraries

Dear Colleagues,

We are addressing you in the name of the Department of Gender Studies at CEU, and of AtGender: The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation, the organizers of the 8th European Feminist Research Conference "The Politics of Location Revisited: Gender@2012." The conference will be held in Budapest May 17-20th 2012 at the premises of the Central European University.

The European Feminist Research Conference will bring together large number of academics and professionals in the field of women's studies and gender studies (we expect 500-600 participants). Thus it is one of the best opportunities for all of us to learn more about the existing institutions across Europe which are involved in collecting and preserving women's intellectual heritage

That is why we have planned to create a special exhibition of posters in which current work of women's archives and women's libraries will be presented. We are convinced that it will help promoting extremely valuable work of these organizations.

We cordially invite all Women and Gender libraries to participate in / or contribute to this exhibition. Even if you cannot participate in the conference, you can still forward your poster!

The poster should have a format of usual conference poster (pref. A2), with information concerning the current work of your institution. It will be exhibited in one of the main halls of CEU, where the conference will be held. Also, there will be a special time designated for presentation of all the posters.

We will be very happy to have a poster of your institution as a part of this event.

Your poster can be only exhibited, or both exhibited and presented. In the case you want to have it presented we will have to ask your presenter to register for the conference.

If you want your poster to be listed in the printed conference program, the deadline to inform us about your wish to exhibit it is February 28, 2012. The same is the deadline for the registration of your presenter. In case of later registration, we can promise only to include your presentation in the final electronic version of the program.

Furthermore, please note that the reduced early bird conference fee is available only until February 29, 2012. The same two conditions apply to the reduced fees for scholars from post-communist countries and for students: they are only for AtGender members and available only during the early bird registration period. But in the case of your presenter we will be happy to extend the early bird fares until the end of February.

You can also ask us anything you might be interested in. Hoping to hear from you soon and to have your poster exhibited at the 8th European Feminist Research Conference "The Politics of Location Revisited: Gender@2012."

For the Conference Committee,
Jasmina Lukić
Chair; Head of Department, Gender Studies, CEU

For AtGender,
Tilly Vriend, Board member for Women and Gender Libraries in Europe