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How to travel

To Budapest by plane

The closest international airport is located in Budapest, 22 km from the city center. You can choose almost all European airlines for your flight to Liszt Ferenc International Airport Budapest. Budapest has a good connection with major European cities also through discount airways. Discount flight passengers arrive at Terminal 1, all other passengers at Terminal 2A and 2B. For access and flight information please check the »  homepage of the airport.

To your hotel from the airport - Airport transfer

You can »  rent a car at the airport, take a taxi to the city centre, use the »  shuttle bus service or public transportation. Check » for further details.

To Budapest by train

There are three railway stations in Budapest: Déli pu. (Southern Railway Station), Keleti pu. (Eastern Railway Station) and Nyugati pu. (Western Railway Station). Trains from other countries arrive at one of the above listed stations. For details check the »  timetable of Hungarian Railway Service.

Déli pu. (Southern Railway Station) and Keleti pu. (Eastern Railway Station) are along the red underground line (M2). Nyugati pu. (Western Railway Station) can be reached by the blue underground (M3).

To Budapest by bus (coach)

Buses (coaches) from other countries arrive at Népliget Bus Station, which is along the blue underground line (M3). For details check »  Volánbusz or »  Orangeways

To Budapest by car

Budapest is the central crossing point of each Hungarian motorway. Speed limits are 130 kph on motorways, 110 kph on main roads, 90 kph on other roads and 50 kph in cities. Please make sure you only access toll motorways with valid vignettes! For vignette information check the »  Hungarian Motorway Portal for information about the toll and where to buy the motorway fee stickers (see vignette information).

Local transportation in Budapest

Budapest has a very good public transportation system. Several types of tickets or travelcard are at your disposal. Tickets must be bought in advance from ticket offices, tobacconists', news agents' or automatic machines. You can buy bus tickets from the driver of the bus but they cost a bit more if you buy them on the bus. Tickets must be validated on the vehicle. Check the website for local transportation in Budapest at »  BKV Company website