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by Kiss Márta

Abstract Submission


Abstracts must be submitted before Thursday, September 15, 2011 23:59 CET. Abstracts should have not more than 300 words and can only be uploaded using the online tool below. The conference organizers also welcome proposals for whole panels as well as presentations by women's centers, libraries, documentation centers, networks or publishers.


You need to have a password to submit abstracts. Please use the below link to request a password, which will be sent to you by e-mail. Please take note of your login name and password since you will need them to enter the abstract submission system.

Abstract type

You should select one type for your abstract when submitting:

  • panel proposal: select this option if you are a panel organizer and add a short description of the panel
  • panel presentation: select this type if your presentation is part of a panel. Please indicate the panel name in the abstract body section
  • single presentation: add this option if your presentation does not belong to a panel
If you are submitting a paper for the Student's Day you should select from the following types:
  • career workshop
  • paper workshop
  • other

Lengths of paper

A session (panel) includes

  • 3 papers (20 minutes each)
  • or 4 papers (15 minutes each)
  • and discussion (30 minutes). Discussions are suggested to be held at the end of each session, referring to all the papers.


Notification on abstract acceptance is Monday, October 31, 2011 All accepted abstracts will be published on the website.


Should you need help in using the abstract system please send a message to