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by Kiss Márta

Strands Program

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01Women's and Gender Studies between Neo-discipline and Interdisciplinarity
02Rooting and Shifting (in) Feminist Research: Assessing the 'Turns' in Feminist Theory
03Teaching 'Gender' across the Borders of the Human, Social, Natural and Biomedical Sciences
04Located at the Crossroads of Race and Gender: Intersectional Analysis in Women's and Gender Studies
05Shifting Sexualities, Masculinities and Femininities: LGBTQI
06Revisiting 'Equality vs. Difference': Feminism in the 21st Century
07Triple Helix of Social Inclusion: Connecting Activism, Policy-making and Gender Research
08Feminist Legacies, Feminist Futures: Generating Feminisms
09The Politics of Migration: Transnational Feminisms?
10Re-Imagining 'Europe': Imperialism, Post-State Socialism and Multiculturalism in the 21st Century
11Violence Revisited: Security, War and Peace Narrated
12Religion Revisited: Spirituality, Gender and the Post-Secular
13Creativity Reconsidered: Rethinking Feminist Art, Media and Technological Practices
14Students' Day