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Eurocall 2008 Conference
3-6 September, 2008 | Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Paper Submission

Proposals for Papers, Symposia, Educational Showcase sessions or Posters should be submitted online via the web-based submission process, not later than February 8, 2008. To submit a proposal, please use the link below and follow the instructions carefully.

Submission Process
The abstract submission system can only be used with a valid author account (user name and password) provided upon registration in the abstract submission system. For using the abstract submission system, the submitter should register his or her name first by entering at least one e-mail address, user name and other personal data. After saving the data, the system automatically sends a confirmation message with a password. Creating new abstracts or modifying previously registered ones can only be made by using this password. All changes made by an author will always be confirmed immediately in a pdf document sent to the e-mail address of the author.

Format of abstracts
All presentation categories require a submission of a maximum of 500-word abstract not including the title, names and affiliations. You need to provide 5-6 keywords at the end of your abstract, which serve to help us put your abstract into the appropriate category. You can type your abstract directly to the online form or paste a previously edited text. Plain text should be used. Do not use any formatting elements (bold or italics, bullets, list elements, symbols, borders, lines, etc.) The abstract system does not accept charts, tables, graphics or photos, only text formatted abstracts can be submitted.

Before adding your abstract to the system, it is advisable to check the number of words and characters using a word processor. The title of the abstract must not exceed 200 characters including spaces.

MAIN TITLE not capitalised, maximum length: 200 characters

NAME OF AUTHORS initials PRECEDE surnames (spaces - not full stops - between initials)

Entering the submission system
You can enter the Abstract Submission System by selecting the link below which will open a new window in your browser. In this window you should get through the following steps:
  1. Get your user account by selecting Register menu (giving in some personal data and choosing a username)
  2. Upon registering, the system immediately sends an automatically generated password to your e-mail address
  3. With this password and the user name, you can enter this site again and select Log-in from the menu
  4. After logging-in, you can change your password or personal data, and begin creating new abstracts in the system
  5. Whenever you upload a new version of the abstract, the system will send you a pdf file with the current version of your abstract tagged with your abstract number
  6. You can modify your saved abstracts at any time during the submission period
  7. During your work, you can contact the web master for assistance by e-mail

Please make sure that you do not use your name or refer to your home institution in the abstract itself. These details should be provided in the Biography section of the submission process.

The outcome of all applications will be communicated to colleagues on the 7th April 2008.