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Allow us to focus your attention on the first meeting of a series of events: "EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON VASCULAR INNOVATIONS" held in Velence, Hungary, 20-21. November 2009.

We seek to advance innovation in vascular medicine and facilitate the transfer of innovative technologies from biotechnology, prosthetic and biomaterial research, computer science and medical technology.

Hopefully this will be a start of a regular forum to link the most sophisticated disciplines, for the benefit of the vascular patient.

Come and spend a relaxed, but exciting weekend at Lake Velence, 30 km from the International Airport of Budapest, Hungary.

Look forward to seeing you at this founding symposium,

Symposium Chairman
Csaba DZSINICH, Prof., MD

Symposium Chair


Honorary president

Dr. Gábor SZABÓ
Hungarian Association for Innovation

Main topics

Presenting the latest developments and innovative technologies solving challenging problems in the diagnosis and treatment across the range of vascular disease.

»  The most advanced tools for accurate diagnosis
»  What's new in the pharmacology?
»  Phisiotherapy - significant or adjunctive?
»  Multilayered stents
»  Biologic and fabric grafts
»  The innovations in endovascular treatments with new
    device technologies

»  Science in everyday medicine: surface modification,
    nanotechnology, polymertechnology
»  Imitating reality: modelling, finite element analysis
»  Designing and producing individualized implants
»  How does technology transfer work in reality?