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The growing epidemy of overweight and obesity cause significantly increased medical costs for healthcare systems worldwide and less quality of life for the individuals. Increasing incidence and increasing degree of excess weight at the same time require multidisciplinary approach and global strategies. Separate solutions have had no result so far.

The life-style, the physical, chemical, biological and socio-economic environmental factors are playing significant roles in the growing epidemy. There is no effective medication for obesity. Metabolic and bariatric surgery shows plenty of results, but not sufficient in fighting against of the increasing prevalence. The prevention of overweight and obesity is becoming more valuable in pre-obese conditions and especially in childhood. The trends of obesity immediately need steps for solutions. The time has come when a wide social collaboration is needed above and beyond healthcare systems.

The 5th Central European Congress on Obesity provides an excellent forum where in this spirit and with the full spectrum of obesitology we strive to introduce and discuss the latest results of international research in order to encourage development of regional scientific cooperation and to call the attention of decision-makers to form a consensus in the restraint of epidemy. The meeting provides a forum for the coordination of the different areas of actions as well.

The Congress is held in memoriam Professor László Halmy DMSc, founder and former President of the Hungarian Society for the Study of Obesity whose biography ranged from basic research to clinical management of obesity.

Eszter Halmy
Congress Chair

The initiative idea leading to the foundation of CECON was born by professor László Halmy at ECO 2007 Budapest and was supported by the leading role of Czech colleagues who organized the 1st CECON meeting in Karlovy Vary in 2008. Following the first event Budapest gave home the 2nd CECON titled „Quo vadis Obesitology?” in 2009.

Continuing the tradition the 3rd CECON took place in Olsztyn, Poland in 2011. The 4th CECON was organized by the Romanien collegues in Cluj-Napoca in 2013. The Central European region possesses special geographical position in the middle, largely inland countries of the continent, with a number of unique and common cultural, scientific and economic needs. We believe that CECON is supportive in that line of necessities.

Csaba Nyakas
Co-Chair of the Congress