Dear Colleagues,

The Advanced European Course on Hand Surgery represents one of the main pillars in the strategy for education and postgraduate training of FESSH. This process has been launched with a highly successful course in 2007, which had a positive feedback and that is supported by FESSH henceforth. There were more than 100 participants representing Central and Eastern European countries. A limited number of free registrations and more opportunities with significantly reduced fees were offered then for all those wishing to attend presentations of well recognized invited lecturers. Based on responses given in the evaluation sheets then, this second course aims to follow this tradition or even exceed the success of the first.

However, organizers, in collaboration with the Council of FESSH intend to give a unique structure to this course now. We believe that this new, unconventional way will facilitate discussion of problems that might seem trivial so often and also the recognition of our activities, routines and results.

Acknowledged experts of hand surgery have already confirmed participation. Financial support, in order to ensure smooth organization of this course, has been confirmed by FESSH and by sponsoring corporate partners.

All but one basic necessity for the success are given:

We only need your ACTIVE participation now!

We emphasize ACTIVE on purpose, since at the first time in the organization of such a course, a major role is given to participants and not to invited speakers only. We kindly request each participant to prepare and bring their methods, their knowledge, their results along with many questions and ideas for difficult cases. These could be submitted in advance or might be introduced and discussed on site spontaneously. We will have the opportunity to evaluate and to size up these cases either anonymously or publicly by using a voting-machine.

During the three days, we will cover four significant issues applied regularly by each practicing hand surgeon. Within these issues we are ready to alter the topics concerned according to your request. Organizers fully encourage proposals regarding the final structure of the course.

In accordance with the previous routine, FESSH offers free registration for 2 delegates per Member Societies in Eastern Europe nominated by the President of the Society. All other participants have the opportunity to register at a reduced fee with the same rate as 2 years previously. The venue of the course is Hajdúszoboszló, a popular spa resort located in Eastern Hungary, near to the Romanian border. The city is easily accessible by car taking the M3-M35 motorway, by Intercity rail or by direct bus service from neighboring countries, too. Those, who attended the first course in 2007 could see that the venue offers not only comfortable guest rooms and well equipped meeting rooms, but also various wellness facilities, a thermal spa and excellent food well worth for its reduced price. The course will start on Saturday and will go on until noon on Monday, so it covers one working day only. You are also welcome to stay for AO Alumni Hungary and Synthes Medical Hungary symposia on Monday afternoon and a reception in the evening organized by Synthes Medical.

We hope that you will contribute with many interesting remarks and proposals that will make this course a highly successful and interactive event providing both valuable scientific and social contents related to surgery of the hand.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you in Hajdúszoboszló!


Invited Speakers

Massimo CERUSO
Thierry DUBERT

... and all the participants

Scientific Organizer


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